So i found last night’s U101 info on the site and asked around some. It was mainly about the steps you take to reach your goals, not so much those goals itself. When i look at my list there are some goals that are actually the steps itself. For example i consider the mesh list i made steps to reach my goal of refining my routines. i guess you cant see them as much due to the way that list is published on the internet but on my computer its several layers deep. Still feel i have to ask around some more what others are doing with it

for the mesh i finished the wide and high portret canvases, still undecided about the shadows because its a lot more work. i guess i should ask around again what people think of shadow prims. feel very free to share your opinion on that in the comments
spend some time on the honor roll wall hang thing too, after checking an upload on the betagrid i realised it can be a lot more detailed, its not that large so im thinking making the frame more frilly

Tomorrow i want to make at least 2 decent pictures. Maybe i should start to think of it as taking a picture every other day, but i feel it might be a bit quick to change that already. For now im going to walk around a bit


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